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Bailey Sales & Associates was incorporated in 1956. The company is in the business of serving the manufacturer as a sales, marketing, and service agency. Geographic coverage includes Washington, Oregon, Northern Idaho, Montana and Alaska.


In 1998 Bailey Sales acquired Nolan Northwest. This acquisition added many things: new lines, new staff, new ideas, and a new direction. Bailey Sales had focused primarily on residential products. Nolan Northwest was primarily in the commercial end of the industry. This combination has created a synergistic momentum that allows us to serve a greater portion of our market.


In January 2000 Jones Sales was merged with Nolan Northwest. This consolidation added Chicago Faucet, Leonard Valve, and Truebro lines. Again, new doors were opened because of our expansion and in 2005, Bailey Sales purchased the Burke West agency. This added Brasscraft and Red-White.


About Us

About our company

Representing manufacturers in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.





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